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GPS Tracking and Navigation Market in India 2011

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The Global Positioning Systems (GPS) market was valued at INR 4.7 bn in 2009 and is expected to grow dynamically in the future. Tremendous increase in demand for tracking and navigation services from a wide spectrum of consumer segments is expected to drive the market. Domestic and foreign participation has been continuously increasing as they compete for a sizeable share in this market with high profit opportunities. Initiatives taken by the Indian Government is also expected to intensify the demand for GPS based solutions and services by a large extent. 
The report begins with an introduction to GPS technology which elaborates on the overview of GPS, basic components, work model of GPS system, overview of Geographical Information System (GIS). Market overview section of the report talks about the global market and the leading international players, followed by the Indian market overview, which states drivers, trends and the market size and growth figures. The section also indicates various segments in the market, the end users and the benefits accrued to users.

Product categories section in the report talks about the various segregations of GPS products available in the Indian market. It highlights the type of users and the specific use of these devices. GPS Benefits portion enlists major advantages that can be enjoyed by users, thereby highlighting the basic features on which the purchase decisions are based upon. This report also speaks about the Mobile Phone GPS Technology wherein the possible usage of mobile GPS and its benefits have been mentioned. This is followed by a section on GPS for SMBs which explains the role of SMBs in the Indian market and the various implications of GPS within SMBs.

An analysis of the drivers explains growth factors, for each segment, such as the growth in logistics vertical, growth in radio cabs, increasing penetration of high end phones, demand from the BPO sector, entry of mapping portals, increasing sales of luxury cars and government initiatives. The key challenges identified include the lack of awareness and consumer perception, fragmented logistics sector and operational issues. The report identifies the key trends including partnerships forged by GPS device makers and automobile firms, mobile phone players providing free services and new emerging applications. 

Major Players section profiles major domestic and foreign players in the market. The section lists the operational segments and business highlights of the company wherein all the major GPS based products, services and solutions have been mentioned, any major happenings or corporate activities carried out by the company has also been included. It also contains a sales intelligence section, wherein a relevant point of contact for the companies has been mentioned. Sales intelligence portion of the report will primarily play a crucial role for generating important lead generation with utmost efficiency. 

The report concludes with a key developments section which mentions the recent happenings in the market. It basically comprises of the most recent activity that the Indian GPS market has witnessed in terms of product launches and collaborations established by players, thus giving an insight about the competitive landscape in the market. The Strategic Recommendation section has been derived after a thorough analysis of the market and provides recommendations, for the existing and prospective vendors.