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ICT Adoption in Manufacturing Sector in India 2011

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ICT Adoption in Manufacturing Sector comprises of the implementation of various ICT solutions which facilitate efficient, enhanced & high quality manufacturing. The core manufacturing sectors are Automobiles & Auto Components, Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Durables, Gems & Jewellery, Metals and Textiles & Garments. Rapid growth in these core sectors along with the other manufacturing sectors and increased need for global competence will drive the ICT adoption in manufacturing industry in India.

The report begins with a background study about Information and Communication Technology (ICT), manufacturing industry and its ICT requirements, an overview of the manufacturing industry in India indicating its core sectors, its contribution to the GDP, illustrations of the market size and growth figures. It also elaborates about the future generic & technological trends of various manufacturing sectors in India followed by an explanation of the key drivers and challenges faced by the overall manufacturing sector while implementing ICT solutions. 

ICT adoption in manufacturing section provides detailed information about the ICT industry in India as a whole followed by key enablers & barriers for ICT players while implementing solutions in manufacturing sector. Then we move to scope for ICT in manufacturing sector, adoption trend, present state of ICT adoption & its need assessment. It further discusses the selection criteria of ICT solutions for manufacturing companies followed by a brief description of the key ICT solutions commonly used & specialized for manufacturing sector. Also in this section ICT solutions are mapped in terms of popularity & availability. This section ends with the topic of SMB & SME clusters and role of ICT in them. 

This report also features a section on role of cloud in manufacturing which describes the overall cloud market in India and the use of cloud technology in manufacturing sector. It also discusses about the major Software as a Service (SaaS) applications used by manufacturers, the key Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) & System Integrators (SIs) who provide these solutions to the manufacturing industry.

Government initiative section covers some recent policies & activities by govt. of India to promote manufacturing industry & implementation of ICT in it.

Major ICT vendors section provides brief profiles of the major domestic and foreign players in the market. It features snapshots of their corporation, financial performance and their business highlights, giving an insight about the existing competitive scenario. Also some major ISVs & emerging ISVs are profiled as well.

Next section showcases the major manufacturing players & insights about them mentioning various expansions & technical adoptions in recent times.

In Case Study section some real life cases of ICT implementation by manufacturing players in India have been highlighted

Recent generic & technological trends in various segments of manufacturing industry are mentioned in the Future Trends section.

The report concludes with a section named Strategic Recommendation section derived after a comprehensive analysis of the sector.