Used Car Market in India 2015

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Netscribes' latest market research report titled Used Car Market in India 2015 highlights that the market is on a growth trajectory mainly owing to the expansion into used car business by established automotive players. With the organized players stepping in, the used cars market has benefited from fair deals, warranties, better retail network, credibility, transparency, high quality and easy availability of finances. Though the general economic slowdown has hit overall car sales, the used cars market has seen an uptrend as impact of the economy on this industry is more muted than for the new car industry. This is because in the used car business, volumes are generated by cars changing hands. Apart from these, growing online portals for used cars, easy internet accessibility and availability of more advanced pre-owned cars adds strongly to the future prospect of this business. Cars being aspirational products, the demand is much driven by the increase in disposable income of the masses as well. 
Impressive offers on new cars that major automotive manufacturers come up with at regular intervals pose a threat to the used car business. Various new models in the hatchback, saloons, SUV and MPV segment much attracts the fancy of buyers for their affordable and economic pricing. Also, buyers incurring extra costs, say insurance or taxes, and also hassle of checking various documents are likely to reduce preference for used cars. However, focus on innovative marketing and sales strategy including digital marketing, competitive pricing and an insight into consumer satisfaction and preference on the type of seller that he is purchasing from, namely franchised, non-franchised or private dealers, are the key strategies to expect a sustainable growth trajectory in the used car business.
Slide 1: Executive Summary

Macroeconomic Indicators
Slide 2: GDP at Factor Cost: Quarterly (2011-12 - 2014-15), Inflation Rate: Monthly (Jul 2013 - Dec 2013)
Slide 3: Gross Fiscal Deficit: Monthly (Feb 2013 - Jul 2013), Exchange Rate: Half Yearly (Apr 2014 - Sep 2014)
Slide 4: Lending Rate: Annual (2011-12 - 2014-15), Trade Balance: Annual (2010-11 - 2013-14), FDI: Annual (2009-10 - 2012-13)

Slide 8-9: Automobile Industry Overview - India, Worldwide Car Sales (2014), New Car vs. Used Car Sales in India (2009 and 2013), Used Car Market Segmentation - Organized and Unorganized 

Market Overview
Slide 11-14: Used Car Market - Overview, Used Car Market - Market Size and Growth (2013 - 2018e), Segmentation Based on Qualitative Factors (2013), Segmentation Based on Price and Brand (2013), Expected Industry Growth Based on Price Range (2013), Preference of Buyers Depending on the Type of Seller (2013), Factors Influencing the Choice for a Used Car Compared to a New One, Limitations of the Unorganized Used Car Market

Recent Developments
Slide 16-20: FDI Regime - Automotive Industry, Total FDI Equity Inflows over the Years - Overall (2009 - 2013), Top 8 sectors Attracting FDI in India (2014), Government Initiatives in Automotive Sector, Impact of Make in India Campaign, Infrastructure Developments, Urbanization / Mobility in Smart Cities, Labor Law Reforms, Subsidy for Electric Vehicles, Automotive Mission Plan (AMP), JNNURM Mission, NATRIP, Investments/New Plants Planned 

Drivers & Challenges
Slide 21: Drivers & Challenges - Summary
Slide 22-30: Drivers
Slide 31-33: Challenges

Competitive Landscape
Slide 35: Porter's Five Forces Analysis
Slide 36-40: Competitive Benchmarking
Slide 41-55: Major Public Players
Slide 56-84: Major Private Players

Direct Investment Scenario (Public Companies)
Slide 86: Direct Investments Scenario - Summary
Slide 87-89: Total Investments - Sector-wise, CD Investments - Geography-wise, CD Investments - Segment-wise, Investment Snapshot
Slide 90-91: Recently Disclosed Industry Specific Strategic Alliances within the Last Two Years

Strategic Recommendation
Slide 93-96: Marketing, Pricing, Sales, Strategic Alliance, Advertising and Display, Consumer Insights, Market Attractiveness

Slide 98: Key Ratios Description
Slide 99: Sources of Information