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Global Powered Agriculture Equipment Market Research Report

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  • Publish Date : 2016
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  • Publisher : BIS Research
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The agriculture equipments and machineries have become an indispensable part of the agriculture process, by helping to save capital, labor, and time. This considerable role of agriculture equipments in ensuring sustainable food production has led to the growth of the market, and is further estimated to grow at a CAGR of 2.3% by 2022. Even though the agricultural equipments are more or less expensive, the benefits arising due to their usage in terms of both quantity and quality of the produce is much higher. Factors such as rising global population, shortage of manual labor, and easy availability of credit & subsidies are further driving the market towards growth.
The agriculture equipment market has been tracked along the lines of the key equipments used as well as key geographic regions. Herein the revenue generated from each of the key equipments, is tracked in order to calculate the market. The key products considered in the report are tractors, combine harvesters, sprayers, forage harvesters, sugarcane harvesters. The most popular equipment used is tractors because these are also used to pull other agricultural machines in order to help in tilling the ground, plant seeding, and performing other tasks, except harvesting.
The report also covers the agricultural equipment market on a global scale, and consequently provides detailed revenue data of the key regions. A separate segment has been made for these regions: The Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), and the Rest of the World (ROW). The analysis has identified that the maximum sales of the agriculture equipment occurs in the Asia-Pacific regions as it includes countries such as India, China, Japan, which are amongst the most populous countries globally and thus, a high demand of food is a primary concern when it comes to agricultural pursuits. Contribution in agricultural equipments market by Middle East & Africa (MEA) was comparatively less due to the limited agriculture activities and water resources in its regions.
Some of the key players in the industry are AGCO Corporation, CNH Industrial, CLAAS Group, Deere & Co., SAME DEUTZ FAHR, and Mahindra & Mahindra among others. The market is at the maturity stage where these companies are aiming for more product launches and technological up gradation in order to expand their operations and stop the new entrants from entering the market.
Owing to the necessity of speeding the agriculture production and reducing requirement of the manual labor, the agriculture equipment market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 2.3% through the forecast period. The report is a compilation of different segments of global agriculture equipment market, including market breakdown by key products. Herein the sales volume of each of the key products of the market is tracked to calculate the size of the market.
While highlighting the key driving and restraining forces for this market, the report also provides a comprehensive section of the application areas of the agriculture equipment systems and solutions. It also details the
key participants involved in the industry. The report answers the following questions about the global agriculture equipment market:

• Which are the most sought-after equipments in agriculture sector?

•What are the existing and predicted sales volumes of the equipments?

•What are the different factors driving the market in the forecast period?

•What are the factors challenging the growth of Global Agriculture Equipment Market?

•Who are the different key participants in the Global Agriculture Equipment Market?

•What kind of new strategies are being adopted by existing market players to make a mark in the industry?

•Which region is making the maximum sales in the Global Agriculture Equipment Market by the end of forecast period?
The report has put special emphasis on the sales volume of the five key types of agriculture equipments, owing to the changing paradigms in the industry. In spite of this, majority of farmers especially in rural areas resist adopting the agriculture equipments due to the high cost of the equipments. The industry analysis involves the value chain analysis and Porter’s five forces analysis to understand the overall attractiveness of the industry.
The most often used strategy for developing a better hold on to the market has been through product launches, followed by expansion strategies. The company profile section includes highlights of significant information about the key companies involved along with their financial positions, key strategies, & developmental activities of recent years. Some of the key players involved in this market are AGCO Corporation, John Deere & Co., Mahindra & Mahindra, CNH Industrial, Kubota Corporation, and CLAAS Group among others.
The APAC countries, mainly India and China made maximum sales of the agricultural equipments in the year 2015, followed by North America in the global agriculture equipment industry among all the regions. Since agriculture industry is of utmost importance to most of the countries in the world, the overall demand of agriculture equipments will increase and the sales will reach 2,594,493 units by 2022.