3 Tips on How to Work with High-Profile Clients

Posted On 2018-01-13 by Research N Reports

High-profile clients are a bit like cats: they can give you a lot, but if you upset them, you’ll find them scurrying under the couch and away to find something else to give attention to. Preparation is the key to success when working with high-profile clients. So how would you keep high-profile clients happy while focusing on your own organization needs? Here are some tips on striking the delicate balance so everyone feels fulfilled by the working relationship.

  • Discretion is of the utmost importance.

High-profile clients appreciate discretion and confidentiality. Any customer would not need his or her personal information given to strangers. High-profile clients are no different except every move they make is under a magnifying glass. There is nothing more awful than telling the press your client's next step. Not exclusively is it an invasion of his or her privacy but it is also a security issue. Never speak to the press about your high-profile clients.

Use your discretion as a selling point. By understating the importance of your client's privacy, you will build a reputation for being dependable and trustworthy.

  • Time is money.

High-profile clients are busy and don't like to waste their time. Keep your communications concise and only reach out when necessary. Try to schedule calls and meetings with high-profile clients in the morning as early as possible. As the day progresses, it just gets harder for them to expel themselves from their business to speak with you or take a meeting.

Also, connect with your high-profile clients in advance to check their availability s so you know about their schedule and can plan accordingly. Dealing with their desires is essential to your overall relationship. Concentrate on their requirements and everything else will fall into place.

  • High-profile clients don’t have a traditional schedule.

High-profile clients are busy clients, and it takes a different mindset to tackle their timing. They may not always respond to emails in a timely manner, but they may expect quick turnaround times from you. They will respond to you, however it might not be on your schedule. When they are free from their day-to-day business, they will reach out, regardless of whether that is 3 in the morning or 7 at night. Your high-profile clients don't stop working, and they expect you to be available when they have a minute to spare.

Finally, don't forget to manage your own expectations when working with a new high-profile client by making a plan on how you will handle the opportunity. When you are prepared, the partnership between you and your client will be mutually beneficial.