Packaging Film Market by Type (Polyethylene Films {LLDPE Films, LLDPE Films, HDPE Films}, Polypropylene Films {BOPP Films, CPP Films}, Polystyrene, PVC, Other Films {Polyamide, EVOH, Cellulose, Others (PLA, PVDC)}); by Application (Food Packaging, Medical & Pharmaceutical Packaging, Consumer Products Packaging, Industrial Packaging, Other Packaging); by Country (U.S., Rest of America); by Regions (North America) – North America Insights, Growth, Size, Comparative Analysis, Trends and Forecast

Report ID : RNR-203861 Category : Chemical Materials Published Date : 2018
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Packaging films are used as a part of the packaging of food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and consumer products. For the most part, packaging films are made of plastic as it is non-corrosive, light, moderately expensive, and can be molded into an assortment of shapes and dimensions, making it a material of choice for packaging. Its inert nature and ability to preserve products for a long period of time, making it a popular choice for packaging in the food & beverages industry. Plastic packaging film is also preferred by customers in the food & beverages industry because of its aesthetic appeal, which aids in promotions. It is used by different enterprises also for the packaging of different items, for example, pharmaceutical items, car parts, industrial goods, and other consumer products.
In terms of revenue, North America Packaging Film Market was valued at US$ 22.10 Bn in 2016 and is expected to reach US$ 35.03 Bn by 2025, expanding at a CAGR of 5.3 % from 2017 to 2025. North America Packaging Film Market is segmented on the basis of type into Polyethylene Films, Polystyrene, Polypropylene Films, PVC, and Other Films. Polyethylene films are further segmented into LLDPE Films, LLDPE Films, and HDPE Films. Polypropylene Films is further segmented into BOPP Films and CPP Films. Among these, Polyethylene Segment represented a major share of the North America Packaging Film Market in 2016 and is anticipated to hold the largest share of the overall market throughout the forecast period. BOPP is the most used type of flexible packaging film. On the basis of the Application, the Food Packaging segment is expected to hold the dominance of the overall market throughout the prognosis period trailed by pharmaceutical & medical packaging, owing to the increasing demand for the microwavable food. Pharmaceutical and medical packaging applications are expected to offer the highest growth during the next five years. Moreover, films have wide applications in pharmaceutical packaging and consumer products packaging such as cosmetics, toiletries, and personal care products.
Rising population and increasing discretionary cash flow of middle-class consumer are relied upon to drive packaged food and personal care products (packaging of shampoo, soap, and other beauty products) industry. Growing demand in these businesses is relied upon to prompt a subsequent increment in packaged products and packaging films over the conjecture time frame. Packaging films additionally give pellucidity and shine to the products, serving as a base for naming and printing on the item. Such factors are relied upon to supplement packaging films market development. Packaging films additionally obstruct microbial development and slow down disintegration procedure of the perishable goods, additionally adding to the market development. Certain limitations, for example, reusing issues, high expenses and susceptibility to debasement after some time are relied upon to hamper the advancement of packaging films market. Different environmental gatherings have likewise pressurized the business and created obstacles by virtue of concerns in regards to increased food packaging and resultant recyclability issues. Rivalry from other packaging materials is likewise anticipated to represent a challenge to the packaging films market.
The market is relied upon to keep prospering in developed and emerging economies of the world. U.S. is evaluated to be the major revenue contributor to the market throughout the forecast period owing to the factors such as a rising demand for innovative packaging films which can retain the freshness of food for a longer time. Nonetheless, the meat sector is one of the largest contributors to the market in which the need to maintain the freshness of food drives the market’s growth prospects. Consolidation is estimated to be the key trend in the North America Market.
The report provides both, qualitative and quantitative research of the North America Packaging Film Market, as well as encompasses worthy insights into the rational scenario and favored improvement methods adopted by key contenders. Some of the primary players of North America Packaging Film Market are AEP Industries Inc., Amcor Limited, AMPAC HOLDINGS, LLC, Bemis Company, Inc., Berry Plastics Corporation, Charter NEX Films, Inc., Dupont Teijin Films, COVERIS, Graphic Packaging International, Inc., Klöckner Pentaplast, Novolex, Innovia Films Inc., RKW Group, Sealed Air Corporation, Sigma Plastic Group, Treofan Holdings GmbH, and Wipak Oy among others.
1.	Introduction 
1.1.	Market Scope 
1.2.	Market Segmentation 
1.3.	Methodology 
1.4.	Assumptions 
2.	Packaging Film Market Snapshot 
2.1.	Market Dynamic Snapshot 
2.1.1.	Comparative Analysis (Base year v/s. Forecast) 
2.1.2.	Geographic Outlook 
3.	Qualitative Analysis: Packaging Film Market 
3.1.	Introduction 
3.1.1.	Product Definition 
3.1.2.	Industry Development 
3.2.	Market Dynamics 
3.2.1.	Drivers 
3.2.2.	Restraints 
3.2.3.	Opportunities 
4.	North America Packaging Film Market Analysis and Forecasts, 2017 - 2025 
4.1.	Overview 
4.2.	North America Packaging Film Market Revenue (US$ Mn) and Forecasts, By Type 
4.2.1.	Overview and Definition 
4.2.2.	Polyethylene Films	LLDPE Films	LLDPE Films	HDPE Films 
4.2.3.	Polypropylene Films	BOPP Films	CPP Films 
4.2.4.	Polystyrene 
4.2.5.	PVC 
4.2.6.	Other Films	Polyamide	EVOH	Cellulose	Others (PLA, PVDC) 
4.3.	Key Segment for Channeling Investments 
4.3.1.	By Type 
5.	North America Packaging Film Market Analysis and Forecasts, 2017 - 2025 
5.1.	Overview 
5.2.	North America Packaging Film Market Revenue (US$ Mn) and Forecasts, By Application 
5.2.1.	Overview and Definition 
5.2.2.	Food Packaging 
5.2.3.	Medical & Pharmaceutical Packaging 
5.2.4.	Consumer Products Packaging 
5.2.5.	Industrial Packaging 
5.3.	Other Packaging Key Segment for Channeling Investments 
5.3.1.	By Application 
6.	North America Packaging Film Market Analysis and Forecasts, 2017 - 2025 6.1. Overview 
6.2. North America Packaging Film Market Revenue (US$ Mn) and Forecasts, By Country/Region 
6.2.1.	U.S. 
6.2.2.	Rest of North America 
6.3. Key Segment for Channeling Investments 
6.3.1. By Country/Region 
7.	Competitive Benchmarking 
7.1.	North America Presence and Growth Strategies 
7.2.	Market Share Analysis 
8.	Player Profiles 
8.1.	AEP Industries Inc 
8.1.1.	Company Details 
8.1.2.	Company Overview 
8.1.3.	Financial Information (Revenue) 
8.1.4.	Key Developments 
8.1.5.	Key Strengths 
8.1.6.	Key Opportunities 
8.1.7.	Strategy 
8.2.	Amcor Limited 8.3. AMPAC HOLDINGS, LLC 
8.4.	Bemis Company, Inc. 
8.5.	Berry Plastics Corporation 
8.6.	Charter NEX Films, Inc. 
8.7.	Dupont Teijin Films 
8.9.	Graphic Packaging International, Inc. 
8.10.	Klöckner Pentaplast 
8.11.	Novolex 
8.12.	Innovia Films Inc. 
8.13.	RKW Group 
8.14.	Sealed Air Corporation 
8.15.	Sigma Plastic Group Treofan Holdings GmbH 
8.16.	Wipak Oy 
9.	Key Findings