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Consumer Payments Country Snapshot: Denmark 2016

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Consumer Payments Country Snapshot: Denmark 2016


As cash use continues to decline, Denmark is increasing its efforts to become a cashless society, backed by government support in promoting electronic payments. Danish consumers are very comfortable with payment cards and mobile phones, with Dankort the most commonly used card scheme in the country and MobilePay leading the way in peer-to-peer payments. In spite of mobile proximity and contactless payments remaining underdeveloped, there is opportunity for providers to emphasize relevant use cases and advantages over traditional payment tools in order to boost interest and gain significant adoption among mass consumers.


- While credit cards account for 19% of cards in issue, they are used more than seven times less frequently at the point of sale (POS) than debit cards.
- While 21% of the number of transactions and 31% of the value of transactions are currently made using debit cards, opportunities still exist for mobile payment providers. They should promote products that are convenient and comfortable to use, as these are the features most valued by Danish consumers using debit cards online.
- The share of Danish consumers who do not have a contactless card and do not want one remained consistent from 2014 to 2015, while the share of consumers who do not have a contactless card but would like one decreased, showing that interest is the main issue hindering adoption.

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- Understand the key facts and figures in the consumer payments market in Denmark.
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