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ForeSights: Athleisure Personal Care

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  • Publish Date : 8-Jun-2017
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ForeSights: Athleisure Personal Care


Athleisure personal care includes skincare, body care, and cosmetics products that are optimized for exercise or athletic pursuits and are inspired by innovation trends in fitness-oriented apparel.

Athleisure personal care is oriented around today's active lifestyles, with products designed to stand up to sweat and to be suitable to be worn while engaging in physical activity. The trend is inspired by athleisure apparel that consists of comfortable clothing designed for athletic or fitness purposes that can also be worn in non-athletic settings.


- Younger consumers do not necessarily exercise to "stay in shape"; exercise locations and fitness activities have become important social hubs for younger generations.
- This focus on exercise and fitness represents an important generational change, one with the potential to impact the entire personal care market.
- Global sales for athleisure apparel is expected to double between 2007 and 2020, setting the stage for growth for products in ancillary categories that are geared toward active lifestyles.
- Exercise rates tend to vary by gender. Men start out enthusiastic, but their commitment to exercise wanes with age; the opposite is true for women - the gender driving the athleisure apparel trend.
- Health and fitness have emerged as status symbols, especially with younger consumers keenly aware of how they look on social media. Consumers aged 18-24 are four times as likely as over-65s to say that social media has made them more conscious of their appearance.
- Athleisure personal care innovation includes skin cooling makeup that is sweat-resistant, suncare products that work better when exposed to water, and shampoo that counters hair loss due to strenuous sporting activities.

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