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Pet Food Market in India 2015

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  • Publish Date : 28-Apr-15
  • Publisher : Netscribes
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Netscribes' latest market research report titled Pet Food Market in India 2015 highlights the changing lifestyle in form of rise in nuclear families and double income households that have encouraged the growth of pet ownership in urban areas of India. Pet owners are more willingly spending on the pet food and pet care products than ever before. This trend has spawned an entire industry, with a growing emphasis on pet care and its growth prospects in the coming years. The Pet Food Market is experiencing rising demand due to various driving factors which, in turn, have been instrumental in providing immense opportunities to manufacturers to grow and operate in the market lucratively. The report provides a snapshot of the market overview of the Pet Food Market in India. It also highlights the global market scenario of the pet food market. 
The pet food market in terms of pet type has been has been segmented into dog food, cat food, and others. The dog food segment holds the largest market share in pet food market in India. Increasing population of dogs as pets and increasing trend of nuclear family are the major factors fueling the demand for dog food in India. There are certain factors that have predominantly worked towards enabling the pet food market sector to grow in recent years which aimed at improving the status of the sector to support future demand.