Smartphone Market in China 2011

Report ID : RNR-249107 Category : Consumer Goods Published Date : 15-Sep-11
Publisher : Netscribes Pages : 42 Format : PDF
The Smartphones Market in China is part of Netscribes Telecommunications Industry Series. The market will be boosted by the increase in the usage of mobile internet along with the availability of 3G services and launch of affordable Smartphones with versatile features and applications. Smartphones have also gained popularity amongst the youth due to the available features that suits the business and entertainment needs.

The report begins with the introduction of Smartphone as a device, highlighting key features and description. This is followed by the market overview of Smartphone in China, providing details on the industry size and growth. The section also provides the share of brand attention rates of the leading players operating in the Smartphone space in China. The report also discusses the Smartphone operating system attention rates alongwith some noteworthy trends in the recent past.

Factors driving the growth of Smartphone market in China are also explained in detail. Rising disposable income and emergence of an increasingly affluent middle class are major drivers for the industry while constantly falling prices are bringing Smartphones within the reach of more common people. Advent of 3G services facilitating better speed and connectivity is stirring demand for Smartphones in China while rising popularity of mobile internet usage further induces demand for Smartphones with advanced internet features. 

The players operating in the market also face challenges which are impeding their development and growth. Major challenges such as security threats from viruses and malicious software; and dominance of counterfeit and smuggled phones adversely affect the Smartphone industry in China. 

Emerging trends in the Smartphone market include increasing popularity of android based phones, emerging hardware trends, emergence of Smartphones with localized flavour, Smartphone manufacturers venturing into tablet computers business, Smartphones becoming popular for payments and banking services and growing demand for more embedded features in Smartphones.

The competition section outlays the competitive landscape of the Smartphone industry in China briefing about the domestic and foreign players existing in the market. This section provides a ranking of the players based on the revenue and profits followed by a 3 dimensional analysis of key players' revenues, profits and market capitalization. The report also features brief profiles of major domestic and foreign players in the market and a snapshot of their corporation, financial performance, business highlights and their product portfolio, providing an insight into the existing competitive scenario. The competition section further provides a price to feature matrix, comparing various manufacturers operating in China based on these parameters. This section offers a list of the all the models available with the manufactures.

The key development section provides a brief description of the major events that took place in the recent past. Key takeaway section summarizes the entire market in terms of opportunities, trends and challenges persist in the Smartphone market in China.
Page 1: Executive Summary
Page 2: Smartphone Overview
Market Overview 
Page 3: Overview - Market Overview, Market Size and Growth in Volume Terms (2009-11e), Smartphone Brand Attention Rates (2010)
Page 4: Smartphone OS - Smartphone OS Share (2010), Smartphone Operating System Attention Rates Trends 
Drivers & Challenges
Page 5: Summary 
Page 6-10: Drivers
Page 11-12: Challenges
Page 13: Summary 
Page 14-18: Trends
Page 19: Competition Summary - Ranking Chart based on revenue and profit
Page 20: Competition Summary - Bubble Chart based on revenue, profit and market capitalization
Page 21-26: Profile of Major Domestic Players in the Market
Page 27-34: Profile of Major Foreign Players in the Market
Page 35-40: Smartphone Specifications
Key Developments
Page 41: Key Developments
Key Takeaway
Page 42: Key Takeaways