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Global Solid Waste Management Market

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  • Publish Date : Feb-2017
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Increased globalization and a surge in population and Gross Domestic Product (GDP), among others have led to an increase in the overall waste volume globally. According to World Bank in 2012, urban population produced about 1.3 billion tonnes of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) which is expected to grow to 2.2 billion tonnes in 2025. The costs for managing solid waste is expected to increase drastically in lower middle (four times) income countries such as India and Brazil among others and even higher in low income countries (five times) such as Kenya and Ghana among others. Therefore, the need for solid waste management has increased largely at a global scale. 
The report titled “Global Solid Waste Management Market” provides an in-depth analysis of the key development strategies and market trend dynamics which includes drivers, challenges and opportunities prevailing in the solid waste management market. Key regulatory bodies have also been considered in the report because of the compliance requirements with environmental regulations. Moreover, value chain analysis, consortiums and patents have also been included in the report. Key development strategies adopted by solid waste management player has also been included in the report.
The solid waste management market estimation has been built on detailed assumptions. The market has been estimated based on waste type, services in solid waste management and geography analysis.
The report profiles 15 organizations on the basis of environmental services providers working along the solid waste management value chain across different geographies.

Key questions answered in the report:
• What are the key drivers, challenges and opportunities for the global solid waste management market?
• What kind of development strategies have gained traction among the players for growth in solid waste management market? 
• What are the different types of solid waste management types and their services and their market size?
• Which region is currently dominating the solid waste management market and the market size by different geography?