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ForeSights: DNA-Based Diets

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  • Publish Date : 10-May-2017
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ForeSights: DNA-Based Diets


DNA-based diets are diet recommendations and food or drink products that are tailored for an individual's unique DNA profile. The concept promises a new level of precision in dieting plus significant health and wellness benefits.

DNA-based diets elevate the food trend toward customization to a whole new level. By using a person's unique DNA profile, diet recommendations as well as food and drink products can be tailored to how a person's body actually breaks down and metabolizes food.


- Current dietary guidelines are largely based on a "one-size-fits-all" model that may not work for everyone.
- Nutrigenomics - the study of how genes and nutrients interact at a molecular level - provides the backbone for DNA-based diets.
- DNA-based diets use data on how your genes respond to different foods and nutrients to make specific, individualized food and diet recommendations.
- Innovation in DNA-diets not only includes personalized meals based on an individual's DNA, but also delivery of those meals directly to consumers, as the Habit brand does.
- Some evidence suggests that DNA-based diets may work better than "regular" diets for weight loss.
- Privacy issues could be a major hurdle for DNA-based diets. A majority of consumers globally are concerned about identity fraud, and the security of DNA samples and profiles is an issue.

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