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Health Supplements Market in India 2017

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The health supplements market in India, which includes nutraceuticals, dietary and protein supplements, is expected to be worth over INR 390 billion by 2020. India currently holds a miniscule share in the global health supplement market, though this is expected to grow in the next three years.

Health Supplements Market in India - Key Growth Factors
Growing awareness about the benefits of protein supplements, coupled with increasing health consciousness among Indians are playing a strong role in the growth of the market. Increasing consumer interest in eating healthy is leading to higher consumption of dietary supplements such as vitamin, mineral, botanical, and protein to meet recommended dietary allowances. Moreover, growth of the e-commerce industry has made protein supplements more accessible. Dedicated online stores that specialize in selling health supplements have been instrumental in widening the product range available in the country, and has increased the penetration of protein supplements to smaller towns and cities.

What?s covered in the report?

Overview of the global and Indian nutraceuticals market, and current and forecasted market size data over 2015 to 2020
Overview of the dietary supplements market in India, and current and forecasted market size data over 2015 to 2020
Overview of the protein supplements market in India, and current and forecasted market size data over 2015 to 2020
Trade analysis of protein supplements in India
Qualitative analysis of the major drivers and challenges affecting the market
Analysis of the competitive scenario in the market and profiles of major companies operating in the market
Key insights on consumers perception about protein supplements, and their purchasing habits

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