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PVC Market in India 2011

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  • Publish Date : 28-Mar-11
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Ploy Vinyl Chloride (PVC) forms a part of the plastic industry and is emerging as one of the most important segment. The application of PVC in end-user products and industries is increasing. Its usage is finding growing space in major industries like real estate, agriculture, wires and cables, apparel, toys, shoes and automotive etc. As such, further growth in these industries and increasing consumption demand from the same will provide a boost to the overall market. PVC is known to offer various benefits over traditional materials like wood, glass, aluminum and steel which form a major raw material in most of the industries. Therefore, this phenomenon is helping PVC products to find major acceptance from most of the industries and end-user applications. However the growing demand of consumption in India is currently being met by large number of imports. Therefore, players are ramping up their manufacturing facilities to tap the existent demand and the opportunities for growth. Further expansion in the economy and an overall growth in major industries will fuel growth in the market for PVC in India. 

The report begins with an introduction and classification to the plastic market in India. It highlights the segment under which PVC comes and illustrates its share in the overall plastic industry. The major uses of PVC have also been highlighted in the same. This is followed by the market overview section that provides an overview to the PVC market in India and its market demand and growth on the basis of volume. Market segmentation on the basis of end-sector usage has been given. This is followed by the import and export section that provides figures for the import and export of PVC in terms of volume as well as value. The region-wise break-up of the same in terms of value has also been given. 

An analysis of the drivers explains the factors for growth of the industry including growth in real estate industry, rise in micro-irrigation, PVC replacing traditional materials and demand from electrical equipments. The key challenges include rising prices of crude oil and disposal issues of waste PVC. 

The competition section includes a brief profile of the major players in the market including their financials.