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Telco Digital Advertising Strategies: Leveraging Data, Technology And Content Assets To Generate Revenue

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Telco Digital Advertising Strategies: Leveraging Data, Technology And Content Assets To Generate Revenue


"Telco Digital Advertising Strategies: Leveraging Data, Technology And Content Assets To Generate Revenue" is a thematic research report by GlobalData that examines the increased focus and participation of telecom services providers (Telcos) in the digital/mobile advertising ecosystem. Digital is the fastest growing segment in the global advertising market, and a formidable revenue engine for digital technology players. Telcos are adopting advertising business models and developing offerings to increase their participation and revenue share in this lucrative market.

The advertising ecosystem is a growth engine generating over US$200bn in revenue for multiple players. Digital advertising spending is driven by explosive growth in the consumption of online content, mobile apps and video. Telecom operators are increasing their presence in digital advertising. Telcos around the world recognize the growth opportunities presented by digital advertising. It offers the potential to diversify their revenue base and move toward high growth digital business models. Participation in the digital advertising ecosystem enables telcos to expand beyond their core services and geographical reach, driving operational scale. Some telcos are focusing on seizing technology assets to drive scale and growth in advertising. Some are building robust content arsenals to drive viewership growth and advertising inventory. Others strive to maximize revenue by building diversified ad solutions portfolios.

The report is structured as follows - 
- Introduction: We start with the taxonomy utilized to frame the report objectives and focus.
- Section 1: Market context - digital services trends and ecosystem. This section provides a high-level overview of the digital advertising opportunity and the main trends driving growth in this market globally.
- Section 2: Telcos and the digital advertising opportunity. Here we examine the business drivers for Telcos? interest in the digital advertising business and their participation in the advertising solutions value chain. We also identify the various go-to-market approaches and revenue models telcos are using to to profit from the advertising opportunity.
- Section 3: Telco advertising strategies. In this section, we conduct a more in-depth review of how leading telecom companies AT&T, Verizon, Telef?nica, SFR France, Singtel and Indosat Ooredoo are building a presence and market share in digital advertising. We examine their respective objectives, organization, go-to-market strategy, value proposition and competencies in the digital advertising realm.
- Section 4: Key findings and recommendations. We conclude the report with a summary of the opportunities, challenges and success factors in digital advertising, as well as recommendations, for telecom services providers.


Open technology advertising platforms are being leveraged by telcos to create value for the business to - 
- Create global scale
- Develop more reach, serve new advertising client segments
- Create additional revenue streams by licensing technology to third parties
- Compete against walled-garden systems (Google, Facebook and the like)
- Leverage and monetize data beyond their mobile geography.

Reasons to buy

- The report provides a global view of the opportunity and growth trends in digital advertising, as well as the revenue models and go-to-market strategies of six leading telecom service providers.
- This analysis is useful for telecom executives to evaluate their position vis-?-vis the major growth opportunities in digital advertising and make informed decisions about strategic investments, value proposition and growth strategies to rapidly grow their presence in the digital advertising market.
- The report provides valuable insights about alternative revenue models and the range of product/service offerings that have helped telecom service providers to build a presence and begin profiting from the digital advertising opportunity.
- The report?s case studies provide real examples of market approaches and strategies being employed by Telcos to build revenue opportunities in digital advertising, and how these market participants are leveraging their organizations, assets, core competencies and ecosystem partnerships to drive revenue creation activities in digital advertising.