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Global 3D Printing Polymer Materials Market 2015 Industry Trends Analysis and Forecast to 2020

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  • Publish Date : Dec-2015
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In this report, we focus on the 3D printing polymer materials industry, which mainly include nylons, co-polyesters, PLA , poly-ethylene Isomer, TPU(thermoplastic polyurethane) and others. 3D printing technology represents the future development of manufacturing industry. At present, the United States, Western Europe are dominating the 3D printing technology and materials, especially in the metal advanced materials. China is also moving very fast in 3D printers, but the the materials developes slowly and backward in technique. The government support focuses on the 3D printers, less on the printing materials; and on the other hand, the players also lack motivation, because it is unprofitable to develop the printing polymer materials and the technical barriers is too high in metals and high-end printing materials. 

At present, the key players from the United Sates and Western Europe dominate the market, like 3D Systems Inc., Stratasys, taulman3D, Arkema, Materialise NV, EOS Gmbh Electro Optical Systems , Bolson, Argyle Materials, Toner Plastics, Rahn AG , Oxford Performance Materials , Arevo Labs, Prodways(ExcelTec), Voxeljet AG, Hunan Farsoon High-tech, Solvay, CRP Technologies, Evonik, EnvisionTEC , TLC Korea , NinjaFlex and Tiertime etc.

This report focuses on the global market, studying the market, including market size (volume, revenue, price)  by types, by applications, by regions, by end users and by manufacturers. This report also focuses on the technology development, industry chain, distributors, market drive, potential application and regions, economic situation, national policy etc.

On basis of the product type, 3D printing polymer materials mainly includes five categories, such as nylons, co-polyesters, PLA , poly-ethylene Isomer, TPU(thermoplastic polyurethane), including the price, production, and market prospect, market share, applications etc.

On the basis of the applications, 3D printing polymer materials are widely used in consumer & industrial, aerospace & defense, automotive, medical & dental, education and others, including the consumption, development potential, market forces drive etc. 

On the basis of geography, this report analyzes North America, Europe, Japan and China, including market size, sales, consumption, sales price, imports and exports, applications, products type and the development situation and outlook. 

On the manufacturers, this report analyzes the company introduction, manufacturing bases, product types, capacity, sales, sales price, gross margin, revenue, cost, market position etc.

And in addition, based on the historical and present monitoring data, we will forecast the prospect of the market, including market size, developing direction, potential applications and countries.