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Research Methodology

The research techniques employed by Research N Reports undergoes high scrutiny and a strict protocol is followed. The information gathering, reporting and analysis are subjected to numerous procedures which ensure the sanctity, quality and accuracy of the data. Furthermore to avoid recycling of information, the reports are updated periodically. The analysts are experienced and undergo rigorous training to maintain and exceed industry standards.

Our Research Methodology Detailed Below: Stage 1: Secondary Research

The foundation is created by working in tandem with magazines, qualified internet sources (e.g. – Hoovers, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, etc…), industry trade groups and associations that operate in the research field. It is then followed by our in-house documentation service which assists in carrying out further information gathering. Then the team efficiently extracts the accurate information from all the above sources.

Stage 2: Primary Research: Interviews With Trade Sources

On the completion of the first stage, the research team conducts numerous interviews, either in-person or telephonically with the company representatives operating in the research field and also experts or leading players of small to big conglomerates who are in the industry and are witness to the changing trends. There are various parties included in the interviews like the Key opinion leaders, CXO’s, trade analysts, industry advisories, manufacturers, distributors, importers, installers, wholesalers and consumers. A thorough analysis of the gathered data is carried out by comparing secondary to primary research.

Stage 3: Analysis Of The Gathered Data

The analysis team synthesizes the data gathered during the first two stages to confirm the findings. In case of discrepancy a second series of interviews are conducted to validate the data.

Stage 4: Quantitative Data

The quantitative data such as market estimates, production, manufacturer capacity, industry forecasts, returns on investment, project feasibility is provided by Research N Reports. The data is based on the estimates obtained during stage 3.

Stage 5: Quality Control

Before publishing, every report goes under proof reading and cross checks in the editing process, which is conducted by highly experienced management team to ensure the relevancy and accuracy of the published data. As mentioned earlier every analyst in the team is certified and receives continual support thereby maintaining the Research N Reports‘s internal quality process.