Super Mario 64 hack gives Mario a dizzying first-person perspective

Posted On 2018-01-13 by Research N Reports

Nintendo ROM hacker Kaze Emanuar has used a conceptually simple tweak to give Super Mario 64 a totally unique feel. First Person Mario 64 is unerringly what it sounds like: your camera follows Mario’s head movement as closely as possible, transforming the game into a dizzying first-person adventure.

According to the user, all of the old tricks and abilities in Super Mario 64 work a similar way, but will perceptibly require lots of practice. Side flips, triple jumps, and rolls are still a part of Mario’s repertoire, but they are, as the user notes, “all terrifying in this hack.” Furthermore, the level geometry disappears at close range, so sometimes it looks like you’re running on thin air. If you want to feel extremely perplexed, just imagine playing it in a virtual reality headset as well.