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Convenience Store Market in India 2014

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  • Publish Date : 29-Oct-14
  • Publisher : Netscribes
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Global market intelligence firm, Netscribes, Inc. released its latest report on the ?Convenience Store Market in India 2014'. Though convenience store market in India is in a nascent stage, yet it is headed towards profound growth in near future. Convenience stores in India have qualified to be the preferred shopping destination for the Indian urban consumers who demand for convenience, quality and service. Certain determining factors work towards shaping the growth of such stores by translating the challenges into opportunities.

Netscribes' latest market research report titled Convenience Store Market in India 2014 states that varying shopping trends noticed among Indian consumers have primarily determined the course of growth story for convenience stores. Drivers such as rising income levels, ease of payment through cards, changing demographics and lifestyle along with FDI in retail have steered the sector towards growth. The sector has witnessed government participation through FDI, single and multi-brand retailing and Goods and Services Tax. Though there are not many players dotting the sector, yet good prospect is noticed in their gradual dominance and increasing revenue structure. The sector has still a long distance to travel especially when impediments like human resource constraints, customer migration, lack of logistics support and regulatory challenges continue to baffle.